Domestic sugar market for a long time, sugar sources noted by Taiwan Sugar Corporation exclusive monopoly, master regulator of domestic sugar necessities. In China, the Republic of China joined the World since the WTO GATT ninety year, the domestic sugar import liberalization taken three years to stage the tariff quota management system operation, to the Republic of ninety-four years beginning open fully free import of sugar. Under hereby environment, the Company adopted the way Direct response measures to shorten the path of the hierarchy, reduce costs and create the production, marketing and consumption of mutual profit for the three operational goals.

The company founded in 1979, specializing in the development and production of crystal sugar, crystalline sugar and other sugar products available consumer market, Diego obtain good comments; 1983 completed the business of record, business so far has reached 30 years.

This period, the company has experienced domestic circulation market, booming and under reform, fully meet the various paths to market demand, the pace of growth has always been to sound pragmatic, adhere to quality assurance, dedicated service, fair prices for business aim has always been to establish the company’s good reputation.

The company’s future business indicators, will be for many years accumulation of professional experience and production equipment, research and development towards diversification of goods to meet consumer demand, on to share resources, reduce costs and create greater opportunities for both sides want to sell, serve the public, to the new era ahead.

Use existing supply customers

Hotel :
Grand Hotel, Regent Hotel, Brother Hotel, San Want Hotel, classic series Hotel, Hualien ideal earth resorts, Lalu, Sherwood Hotel, Prince Janfusun restaurants, Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, W Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Ai America Hotel, Elle hotels, Mandarin Oriental Hotel and other hotel industry.

China Airlines, TransAsia Airways

Chain restaurant:
Seattle Coffee, Wang Ce coffee companies, TGI Fridays, California wind Yōshoku Hall, Room pregnant food cuisine restaurant, bakery company source Yufeng, eggplant curry restaurant, beans Workshop, Di Ying Coffee Company, Nestle coffee, Eslite coffee, coffee Lane, coffee and other food and beverage industry 8

Raw material supply:
Positive and pharmaceuticals, Big Pharma Zhao, Wei Chuan biotechnology, Guoyuan Yi, ORION food (St. Mary’s) ,.

Chain stores:
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, Pacific Sogo

Supermarket :
Matsusei, Top good supermarket, billion-off to the supermarket, Feng Kang supermarkets, CITY SUPER supermarkets, housing gross margin supermarket, like US supermarkets, department stores, Changhua, Qiao neighborhood supermarket, four department stores, supermarkets hi reciprocity, unified crown supermarkets, hypermarkets great music, The total welfare office, the Associated Press and other local cities and counties supermarket chains.